The horizon goes away when you try to reach it
to remind you it's not where you're going that matters,
but what you'll see along the way...

I made this site just to share to everyone all my passions.
Since I was able to read my soul I understood that art, generally speaking, should has been part of my life.
My first love was Music: it becomes suddenly the soundtrack of my important moments and I started playing guitar...
Then I discovered Architecture and I went to the University to improve my knowledge on this field.
At the same time I became a photographer (when a click was not for free, and easy to be redone as it is now). I studied also the history of the technic, learning from the biggest Man Ray, Capa, Alinari, Cartier-Bresson,..
Then I discovered painting as the most intimate way to get in touch with my deepest part. I don't know how it works for others but when I start painting I project myself in another dimension where time stops and the space explodes.
Now, I'm trying to put everything together enjoying life
Enrico Guidi
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